The EVS “Next Generation Engineered” approach to venture due diligence provides a new innovative, consistent, and process based methodology, that optimizes the venture evaluation process for ventures seeking funding.

EVS Advantages for Ventures Seeking Funding:

(Seed Stage | Startup Stage | Early Stage | Series Stage)

  • Prequalify and fast track the access to investor resources and the funding evaluation process.
  • Optimize funding alignment between specific venture funding requirements and available funding resources:
    1. Family Offices, Angel Investors, and Private Equity
    2. Industry & Sector Profiles; Life Sciences, Medical Devices, Technology, Real Estate, etc.
    3. Impact Investing; Healthcare, Social, Environmental, etc.
  • Benchmark your venture investment opportunity against industry best practice & next generation evaluation metrics (Track Record, Executive Team, Market, Product, Competitive Advantage, ROI, etc.)
  • Minimize the time, effort and costs associated with fund raising activities (marketing expenses, traveling/lodging, misaligned investor engagement, etc.)
  • Minimize investor risk in your venture, by taking advantage of potential Research & Development (R&D) Tax Credits to offset capital investments

EVS Venture Engineering Due Diligence Focus Industries

  • Life Sciences
  • Medical Devices
  • Technology
  • Real Estate

Next Generation EVS Venture Investment Rating System:

The EVS Venture Rating System is a next generation venture evaluation rating metric that is included with every EVS Report. The EVS Rating System provides a simplified, time sensitive, and effective, venture investment confidence metric. Our proprietary evaluation process utilizes optimized and stream lined subsets of the venture due diligence industry best practice methodologies.

Base Rating (Initial Venture Data Qualification)

  • Face Value of Data Provided
  • Third Party Impartial Data
  • Intellectual Property
  • Brand Value
  • Customer Input

Confidence Rating (Validates The Data)

  • Data Availability
  • Data Veracity
  • Strength of Assumptions
  • Track Record
  • Concept & Data Coherence

Proprietary Venture Investment Management Platform:

  • Manage and track venture opportunities using the latest cloud computing & database technologies, to maximize investment visibility to investors and optimize investor funding alignment preferences & investment portfolio requirements.
  • Full life cycle venture opportunity management system that tracks and integrates the core venture investment profiles including; Investment Ventures, Subject Matter Experts, Legal/Intellectual Property Resources, Funding/Financial Resources, and a Venture Management Committee, to professionally navigate the venture investment opportunity through the process.

Taxes –  Research & Development (R&D) Tax Credits and Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT):

Taxes benefits can be a large source of capital for venture capital firms. The tax benefits can provide tremendous cash funds and also offset investor risk and mitigate a company’s needs for investment capital. The most lucrative federal tax credit available to venture capital is the research and development tax credits. For pre-revenue companies or companies in a loss position, the tax credit allows for a refund of payroll taxes paid in.

  • Start-Up Companies: Companies qualifying as “Start-Up Companies” will be eligible to use federal R & D Tax Credits to reduce their federal payroll taxes.
  • Small Business: Companies qualifying as “Eligible Small Businesses” will be able to reduce alternative minimum tax (AMT).

Additional Report Benefits:

EVS helps promote independent forensic investment risk analysis to companies seeking investors and to investors seeking investments. The goal of EVS in to not only provide independent due diligence to derisk investments and to show areas to strengthen firm’s investment platform but to also educate firms on best and most efficient paths to capital throughout the family office community. EVS is committed to helping its members through its relationships with:

  • Family Offices
  • Family Office Associations and Networks
  • Family Office Venture Capital Organizations
  • Family Office Conferences
  • Venture Capital Investment Platforms and Funding Sites
  • Venture Capital Fund Raising Expert Advisors
  • Tax, Credit and Incentive Opportunities
  • Debt Sources
  • Venture Capital Consulting Professionals
  • Venture Capital Fund Access